Summer 2017 was an interesting one. On July 7 the wildfires started, and although fires were never in very close proximity to Wells, we still were greatly affected: there were lengthy back-country and trail closures, there was a lot of very debilitating smoke in the air, the regional highway closures created a ghost-town feel in our normally bustling summer economy, and the forests were tinder dry. We were always on edge – one nasty lightening strike and we could be the next victims.

In spite of all this, Tim managed to get a bunch of trail maintenance done, with a bit of help from others. He re-opened the B-Loop by brushing and removing stumps. We were even riding this trail on our mountain bikes by the end of the summer! He did brushing work on the Meadows Trails, the A-Loop and the Carwash, and of course, the usual and constant dead-fall clearing on all the trails. We access the trails with our bikes and trailers to carry the gear. Tim has even made a specific trailer to carry the brush saw behind his bike!

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