We have had a tough week with lots of temperatures above zero and rain doing it’s best to ruin all our lovely snow. However, the tide is turning, it’s getting colder, snow is falling, and I groomed the trails today – they are not at their best, but given the recent conditions, I am pleased with them.

Coronado Road, Cornish Mountain Road (to the 1st view-point) and all meadow trails, including Jola’s Cut-off and the Moose Island Loop have been track set. The A-Loop and Cornish Mountain Road from the 1st viewpoint to 1 Mile (Downey Pass) Road have been packed.

I didn’t take any pictures today, so here are a couple from the ski trip to Dezaiko Lodge that Kate and I went on last week.

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Greg Strebel · March 16, 2018 at 8:44 pm

I didn’t know about that lodge. Sounds delightful. Did you heli in?
From their website:
Dezaiko Lodge is situated at treeline in a picturesque alpine bowl. Excellent skiing begins right outside of the door. The lodge is entirely crafted and finished naturally with local wood species. It is warm and cozy and always a welcome sight at the end of a great day of skiing. Dezaiko Lodge is a true mountain lodge: there is no internet, cell phones don’t work, running water means running to the well, and the view from the outdoor toilet is spectacular!

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