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The tracks are in excellent shape. The snow is amazing. All of the Meadows trails are packed including Moose Island and a new add-on to the Moose Island Loop. The Coronado Road is packed to Hardscrabble ane the Huckleberry (A Loop), Thimbleberry (B Loop) and Cranberry Connector (B Loop Connector) are all packed. There is a lovely wide trail packed on Cornish Mountain Road all the way to Downey Pass, and the Rabbit’s Foot (C Loop) is also packed. We are ready to trackset, and rumour has it there will be a guest groomer in the next couple of days! Guess Who!

west end of Thimbleberry
First Viewpoint
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Greg Strebel · December 24, 2019 at 8:32 pm

Looks lovely, good job Andrew. And I suspect Tim is back for a visit and guest grooming!

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