Skiing is good! Andrew took advantage of the cooler weather and new snow to get a lot of packing done yesterday. With more snow on the horizon he will be able to get the roller out soon. Here is a summary of what has been done: All of the Meadow Trails including the new Jola’s Cutoff Cutoff, The A Loop (sorry I can’t remember the new names so I’ll just use the old ones) and Coronado Rd as far as Cornish Mountain Road, Cornish Mountain Road to the top of the B Connector, the B Connector and the east side of the B Loop, and the Moose Island Loop. Yesterday I skied up the west side of the B loop to Cornish Mt Rd and down CM road and it was excellent. However there is major deadfall to be navigated on the west side of the B loop. Happy Skiing everyone!

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