Our new groomer Duncan and his helpers are doing a fantastic job. All of the Meadow Trails are trackset and most of the other trails have been rolled. With milder weather on the horizon for the weekend and next week, now is a great time to get out and enjoy Wells’s beautiful trails. There is a great variety, suitable for every level of skier or snowshoer from the easy and flat trails on the Meadows to the more rolling terrain on Cornish Mountain. If you haven’t skied the Huckleberry Loop, it is tons of fun! Or you can climb Cornish Mountain Road for great views of Cariboo Mountains. The snow is deep, light and fluffy!

So if you’ve been house-bound through this cold weather, now is the time to get out and enjoy our beautiful back yard!

you don’t need a stop light at this crossroad (photo from March 2021)
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