The Wells and Area Trails Society is seeking a qualified contractor to complete work on their ski/bike/hike trail network during the summer of 2019.  Work may start as soon as weather permits and must be completed by August 31, 2019. Previous trail building experience is required, and there will be a mandatory site-viewing (Date TBA depending on weather and snow levels).

Scope of Work

The contract will consist of a number of projects of varying size and complexity. It is anticipated that this work can be completed using hand tools, chain saws and brush cutters and that no heavy equipment will be needed. The projects are in order of priority (see also attached map):

  1. Trail Clearing – Horse Loggers Trail from Coronado Rd to Cornish Mt. Road – this proposed hiking trail has been GPSed and flagged. Approximately 500 – 700 metres of trail needs to cleared as a minimum of a Type II foot trail,

(see http://www.sitesandtrailsbc.ca/documents/manual/chapter10.pdf; See section 10.3.5 Guidelines for specific trail classes)

  • Trail Clearing – Upper Carwash – this is an old relatively steep cat track that needs to be brushed out from the Summit Trail to the Cornish Mountain Road. This consists mainly of alder slashing and deadfall removal. This route will link to a clearcut and a logging road that leads into Cornish Mountain Road at the First viewpoint. Approximately 800 to 1000 metres depending on final route selection.
  • Corner clearing on existing trails – removal of brush and small trees (up to 6” dbh) on the outside of tight curves to allow cyclists and skiers safer down hill navigation. Also removal of debris berms where necessary.
    • Rabbits Foot Loop – 2 places
    • Thimbleberry & Raspberry – 2 places
  • Hiker’s Cutoff Trail – hand build 130 metres of hiking trail providing a short cut on the Huckleberry loop. This should be done as a minimum of Type IV foot trail standard.
  • Boardwalk Repair and Replacement
    • Bottom of Huckleberry Loop — 5-7 m of rotten boardwalk needs replacement. Access to meadow to haul material is by foot or via ATV from Hardscrabble/Coronado/Huckleberry Road
    • Sod Island – a support post has frost heaved, surface needs levelling
    • Wreck Beach Reroute – slash a 30 m section of willows to bypass bank erosion.
    • Y-Trail – 7 m Boardwalkneed relevelling and replacement where necessary (note: This project must be included as part to the overall project.)
  • Benches – supply and place two benches – at the Y and along Williams Creek near Mystic Grove.

Additional Information about the Scope of Work can be obtained from Dave Jorgenson at dave@whitegold.ca or 250.994.2345.

To Apply

Proponents should submit a detailed proposal including their name and contact information, WorkSafe BC registration number, details of qualifications and previous trail building experience including photographs if available, and references.  The proposal should also include a detailed budget broken down by project and itemizing estimated materials and labour.

The budget for this project is $11,000. Proponents should detail all the projects that can be completed within that budget.

A mandatory viewing of the projects will be conducted by Dave Jorgenson at a time to be announced and depending on weather and snow levels. Interested proponents should contact WATS at 250.994.2345 for more information and to discuss the timing of the site viewing.

Proposals will be evaluated by committee, and based on the proponent’s experience and qualifications, references, the quality and clarity of the proposal, and price. 

Applicants should submit their proposals by email to wellstrails@gmail.com or by mail to Wells and Area Trails Society, Box 173 Wells BC by May 15th. Late proposals will not be accepted.


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