The 2019 Wells International Gourmet Ski was sold out two weeks in advance of the event with over 100 tickets sold.  Participants enjoyed a cool but brilliantly sunny day to explore the extensive trail network stopping at food stations along the way. On the menu was Texas BBQ, Chinese Dim Sum, and taste delights from the Basque region of Spain and from Costa Rica.  For skiers venturing beyond the Meadows Trails, Booty Baskets could be located full of chocolate and tickets for the prize raffle. The dessert station back at the Jack featured 5 different desserts from across Canada.

It was a Gourmet Weekend to be sure! Many skiers came on Friday night to attend the amazing 5 course dinner at the Jack O’ Clubs hosted by Vancouver Culinary Master Matt Richmond. Closed circuit TV allowed the guests access to the kitchen and the commentary by the Chef, and the courses were paired with local wines and beers.  On Sunday many of skiers could still be found around town, some partaking of the special Sunday brunch at the Pooley St. Cafe.

The Saturday evening Film Festival featured the gourmet equivalent of outdoor films including several shorts featuring the photography of Chris Harris and the acclaimed film This Mountain Life.

This event is a lot of fun for the organizers as well, with the added bonus of raising funds to assist with the costs of trail grooming and improvements.

WATS would like to thank all the participants for their imaginative costumes, amazing sense of humour, and overall enthusiasm.  We would also like to thank our many volunteers for the incredible amount of work that goes into preparing for this event, for their culinary skills, and their ability to endure cold temperatures and wind chill and still be smiling!

See y’all next year!


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