Great skiing in Wells!

It’s turned cold in Wells, so even though there has been no significant new snow for a few days, work on the ski trails has continued.

The Moose Island loop has been packed flat, and we are waiting for one small section to freeze solidly before taking the grooming equipment around. It is however fine to ski on.

Jola’s cut-off has been track set, and the worst of the brush has been removed – the remainder will be covered when we have a bit more snow.

Cornish Mountain Road has been brushed as part of the work being done on the Wells Barkerville Community Forest. This necessitated removing the snow from the road, but as soon as we have some more snow it will be prepared and ready for skiing again.

The remainder of the meadow trails and Coronado Road were track set on Thursday, and the A and B loops were rollered flat.

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