Even though we have had no significant snowfall since last week, work on the trails has continued and they have just been groomed and set.

The 3 areas of previously open water on Coronado Road have been remedied. All areas of Coronado Road are now fully covered in snow.

Tracks have been set on all meadow trails, including Moose Island Loop and Jola’s Cut-off. Coronado Road has been set from Hardscrabble Road to the T-Junction, and packed to the B-Loop.

The skiing here in Wells is currently good.

Looking ahead to the middle of next week, lots of snow is in the forecast. After the next good dump, Cornish Mountain Road will be packed and ready for skiing again – without all the brush that was there previously.

Please remember that although the trails here in Wells are free to use, they are financed by donations. You can make donations at the drop box on the aluminium bridge in the meadow, or go to our new website, www.wellstrails.ca where you can make a donation or buy a years membership to WATS for $20.

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